Tuesday, July 16



Guildford United FC are delighted to announce our new sponsor Metalu Plast. 

Metalu Plast are a French manufacturer of sports ground equipment and have kindly donated two, eight-seater dugouts for our ground at Kings College Community Sports Ground. 

The dugouts will go a long way in supporting the future progressions for GUFC. With ground grading requirements being such a key element of promotions further down the line, it is great to get these in place. 

Kings College Community Sports Ground has lot’s going on to improve the facility and make this ground one to be even more proud of than we already are. 

Guildford United would like to thank all our sponsors for their ongoing support. It is not just costly to run a grassroots football club, but even more so when a club has the ambitions we have. Getting grounds up to scratch to meet ground grading requirements is a costly project and whilst there is funding out there to support with certain projects, it is very unpredictable as to how much support in funding there will be in the coming years due to the Covid-19 situation. To have such great sponsors on board is a massive benefit to the club and will help us with our progressions. 

For further info on Metalu Plast, please visit their website,  www.metalu-plast.com

There are always sponsor opportunities available and for more info on what’s available get in touch via info@guildfordunited.co.uk

Published by Guildford United